Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Blogging is Hard...

Which always sounded like a copout when I heard it from other people, but when faced with it yourself, it's hard to debate. One of the ugly realities of the world is that time slips away from you faster than it ever should. My life is one constant loss of time between work, home, the kids, training, website stuff, and occasionally doing something for me, it's amazing I get as much done as I do (and yes it sounds arrogant, but it isn't meant to). I still have a Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 game I got last X-mas that I haven't even played (loved 1 & 2). Anyway since this is supposed ot be something to get things off my chest, I'll see how it goes.

Few more quick hits:

1) Mets with Delgado and Wagner? Wow. Now if they're smart they keep Zambrano for Pedro's "shoulder stiffness" trip to the DL say Mid July/early August for 4 starts or so to keep his shoulder healthy after the World Cup stuff. Then trade him August 1 for something.

2) Despite the Beckett trade, the Red Sox are still in the same position they were last September, reliant on Schilling and Foulke to be 100% for their season to mean anything. The Overbay deal if it happens doesn't change that either, though between him and Lowell our Infield defense would be greatly improved. And they still need to keep Manny.

3) Wow can the Redskins blow more games? If they could execute on defense, at home (forget the Alstott play), they would be 7-4 and tied for the division. Now their season is over short of something miraculous.

4) Just can't get into Hockey yet.

5) Nip/Tuck. Great show that is moving beyond it's greatness into the bizarre. You can tell Ryan Murphy is trying to bring it back to the 1st season vibe, but it's tough given what they have done with Julia and Sean. And they are trying to mature Christian while keeping him immature. It's a tough mix. He definitely couldn't marry Kimber, though. That just would have been the Kiss of Death for the show. BTW, any reason Annie couldn't have been the Flower Girl at least? And unless they are ending the show, you can see who the Carver is a mile away.

6) My Fantasy Football leagues: My money league at Sportsline, I'm tied for my division, but lost both games to the guy I'm tied with, so I need to not be tied. The Playoff Scenarios are just bizarre with a week to go. Could really use a healthy Corey Dillon this week.

More tomorrow hopefully including my lamentings on Arrested Development...


At 6:22 AM, Blogger john said...

everyone keeps telling me to watch Nip/Tuck.....maybe I should check it out..


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