Friday, November 25, 2005

Random Thoughts

1) 8 mile run the day after Thanksgiving - Bad for the stomach cramping. Don't do hills ;)

2) Saw the Sox got Guillermo Mota thrown into the Beckett trade in addition for some other Single A Player. Nice throw in that could pay dividends. Mota-Hansen-Timlin is a pretty good bridge to Foulke in theory with Myers as the designated lefty specialist.

Of course with Delgado now with the Mets, not sure where you would trade Manny to in any deal that would bring back a good enough slugger to compensate (Helton wouldn't do it either as a player or in terms of Contract). Probably have to try and sign Konerko as a FA now, even though he doesn't want to be East Coast side.

Not sure where Manny thinks he going now. The Angels just don't fit personnel wise (Dallas McPherson does nothing for us now to put it mildly, and we can't just trade him for low level prospects especially because of Salary). A's, Dodgers and Padres can't afford him. Giants only can if they trade us Bonds (talk about nonsense for both teams). Seattle? For who, Ichiro and Sexson? I'd do it, doubt the Mariners would. 'Zona not an option (the day they bring Javy Vazquez in as a Red Sox for Manny is the day you know we don't have a GM). Not you are back to the East Coast teams unless you really think the Cubs want him (Houston and Texas don't have the players and St. Louis doesn't have the budget). They say it's a personal situation with Manny (which you know means "personal" ), but boy is it in his best career interest to find a way for his family to deal with the personal stuff and stay in Boston, put on his 150 games of hitting brilliance with Ortiz and go to the Hall of Fame.

3) I promise some Comic Columns soon, but how about Bill Willingham doing a Mainstream artbook again??? Long tiem since we've seen his art on a regular book.

4) BTW, the Neil Gaiman University class for Anansi Boys is a really fascinating way to share with other people about his new book. and search for Neil Gaiman. It ends next week but it's great to hear his perspective and observations. Given his schedule, it's the only chance you will have to ask him questions about these things so I really recommend it.

5) Black Friday Note: Into Target at 6:15 AM for 3 things in the flyer, picked up all 3, a couple extra things, and was out of the store through Checkout in a total of 25 minutes. Went to Circuit City, where they estimated the length of time for people standing in line for checkout was 2 HOURS. Needless to say I skipped that, came to work, ordered 3 of the 4 things I needed online with free shipping an they'll be here next week. Total time elapsed: 10 minutes. Online Shopping Rocks!


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