Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Why Do I run???

Probably the thing many people ask me the most other than "do you want Fries with that?" (actually I prefer Onion Rings) is why do you run so much.

The Real reason I choose Marathons over other exercise plans is 3 fold:

1) It provides a tangible goal for me to reach for regularly. Training for 2 a year on two cycles keeps the motivation strong to keep going to the gym. Without the motivation of wanting to push myself on those days, I would find it very easy to bag that Wed 12 miler or the Sat. Long Run when it's a little chilly out. But with the Marathon coming up, I find the mental energy to get myself changed and onto the road/treadmill and put the miles in. I've found it too easy to slack without that goal out there to shoot towards.

2) It also is something the family while they may not like the time I spend running, can understand I need to put in the time in order for the marathon to be successful.

3) And probably the other sad point is I LOVE TO EAT. I eat way too much. Running 50-60 miles a week in a typical training cycle (upping it to Pfitz 18/70 this time) allows me to not worry so much about those extra snacks I shouldn't eat but do.
Why the Marathon is probably # 1, but all 3 play a part.

I have now run 5 Marathons (Steamtown 1999, New Jersey Marathon 2004, Richmond Marathon 2004, New Jersey Marathon 2005, and New York 2005, which is where the above picture is from). My two for Next year are Boston (April 06) and the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC (Late October). I start training for Boston two weeks before Christmas and as hard a training schedule as it is, I am actually looking forward to the challenge. It's the one thing I do on a regular basis I get to do pretty much solely for me. There will be some days I will be sore and I hope I do enough stretching/core strength that I don't throw my back out again, but come April when I can honestly say to myself I actually achieved a goal I set out to do when I was 22 years old and 261 pounds, I will feel like I left it all out on the course (and I assume that to be not literally).


At 10:22 AM, Blogger john said...

I think it's great you do what you do. More willpower than I have. I understand what you are saying about the goals, and it being something for you. I think my own goals are attainable, but, it's still a challenge. Best of luck in the training and the running. And in not throwing your back out!


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