Monday, December 12, 2005

And So it Begins...

No not the Babylon 5 Season 5 opening Credits (which for my money were the coolest opening credits I ever saw), but today is 18 weeks from the 2006 Boston Marathon. I said I would be posting daily updates, so here I go.

Day 1:
Yes I know the Pfitzinger 18/70 calls for Monday as the XT/rest day, but that just seems wrong, so I did the Tuesday Workout (8 miles, 10x100 striders), then I did an extra half mile at the end. I'm still figuring out the strider thing, but since I used a treadmill today (yes elevation was at 1% the entire time), I just put in :20-:25 seconds at 12 MPH (the max the treadmill would go) at every 1/2 mile from 1.5-6. It may not be quite a defined strider, but I kept form for all 10 and it felt right at least. Miles 7 & 8 I alternated between 1 & 3% grade at a 7:18/mile clip. Did the 8 miles I cared about at 57:29 (7:11 pace). Goal is a 7 min/mile Boston (which is roughly 3:03:24, which would be a 7.5 minute PR).

Post workout I weighed myself (same time I weigh myself every week so it's consistent). According to that I weigh 180.5 (of course that's sans clothing and at the lightest I will be all day). But I do that once a week as a measure of if I ate too much.

Not a horrendous first day.


At 1:25 PM, Blogger john said...

sounds like a tough program. I couldn't do it. A couple from work are going to the gytm with me at lunch everyday, so that is helping me stay determined. I am doing pretty good, I'd love to be 180.5 although I'd probably look pretty sickly, with my height..
best of luck with the training.


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