Thursday, December 15, 2005

Boston Plan Day 4 and the Fantastic 4 Movie

Not much to report. Yesterday, work killed my run (2 VTCs), but today I got in my midweek long of 11 miles. Did it in 84 minutes (a Spiffy 7:37 pace). Will take that given the couple stomach cramps I had along the way and the cold weather.

Watched the Fantastic Four Movie last night. Entertaining Popcorn Flick. Personal favorite was Chris Evans as the Human Torch. I remember when the movie came out there were a lot of comic purists complaining about his interpretation: THEY WERE WRONG! This is exactly how a hotshot test pilot would react to something like this. He was so far and away the best part of the movie, which is scary considering how hot Jessica Alba is and what good actors Chiklis and McMahon have become (I'm sure Gruffield has a good background, but I never watched the Horation Hornblower stuff) And the origin makes so much more sense this way it isn't even funny. They probably could have put a :30-:45 second text graphic up at the beginning to make Reed and Victor's Backstory a little clearer, but otherwise the origin actually makes sense. Since technically it was done as Private Citizens, They could have anyone they wanted up on the ship, which explains who was there. Also presumably prevents the Government from being able to really hold them. Only 2 problems are (spoiler warning just in case you actually care about the movie but still haven't seen it):
1) Given it was proven based on power requirements that the "mutation" could be reversed, and with Doom safely locked away, the rationale for Ben to stay the Thing is beyond ludicrous ( I know the electric company in New York is overtaxed but I find it hard to believe that that would be the problem given what is seen up until now, heck have Reed create a way to turn Johnny's Supernova into Stored Energy, which he could then spin into a patent to save the world energy crisis, everybody wins), much less the others given Reed's concerns regarding the impact the radiation had on their bodies. which leads to:
2) Reed stating on TV we aren't sure how safe they are given the levels of Radiation they were exposed to. OK, so we have 4 people who have been exposed to massive amounts of mysterious radiation where the smartest guy in the room admits he doesn't know anything about the impact, and yet the government or the people aren't worried about their proximity to the general public? C'mon this is the society who thought you could get AIDS or Cancer by being in the same city as victims, but this wouldn't raise an eyebrow??? Sure..
3) How could Reed still not work on a way to cure Victor? He's a hero/good guy. Means he would work on reversing the mutation anyway, not having him shipped back to Latveria in a storage trunk????????

One last note, with Doom you have to live with it, but if Spider-Man and FF have taught us anything, no metal masks on the screen/tube!! Talk about draining the emotion out of a villain scene. Osborn's was worse, but Doom's was pretty bad.


At 2:44 PM, Blogger john said...

I really liked F4. It was way better than I expected. I think Chris Evans did a great job as Johhny. I think Jessica Alba did a decent job. Loved the part where she appeared wearing her bra and panties and tried to cover herself. I can totally see Sue doing that early in the game.
Sure, there were things that I didn't really care for, but overall, I enjoyed the movie.


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