Saturday, December 17, 2005

Days 5 & 6, John Spencer & Alias this week

Day 5: Easy 5 Miles no big deal. Didn't wear a watch so I can't really report a time. Somewhere between 38 & 42 minutes.

Day 6: The first "Long Run" of the Pfitz Plan. 15 miles today. Did it in total of 2:01:30 (About an 8:07-8:08 mile). Just had nothing today in my legs. Where I was hoping to speed up for miles 12-14 to about a 7-7:15 pace. Just didn't happen. Could be the Champagne I had last night. Not too worried about it. I'll worry more if I have the same problem in about 5-6 weeks when I actually hydrate properly and not get alcohol in the system!

Was very sorry to hear about John Spencer. I'd post the link but I figure everyone knows where it is by now. Great character actor. He will be missed. Actually was starting to get back into the West Wing again the last few weeks and he was about the only reason I wanted Smits to win over Alda.

Alias this week: boy can you telegraph that Balthazar Getty was once married to Amy Acker on the show? Wow. Just say telegraph. Though the holder of Sydney was a nice shock. Of course somehow they will still have to bring Vaughn back. And what exactly was the point of Patrick Bauchau? Used to Love the Pretender something fierce (Reminds me I need to go BT the final Movie some time). So I was thrilled he would have a pivotal role, but apparently not so much...

Anyway. Easy 9 tomorrow to complete week 1 of Pfitz.


At 6:27 AM, Blogger john said...

I just have trouble getting back into Alias after not watching it for so long. I used to watch it religously, then stopped for one reason or another.
I really enjoyed The Pretender. I need to get season 2 on dvd.


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