Friday, December 09, 2005

It's like I I don't remember how...

Life has just been crazy recently, but let's hit some highlights:

1) is a link to an online petition to keep Manny Ramirez on the Sox. Go sign it.

2) The Renteria trade: Don't like absorbing 8-11 mill, but we needed to get him out when this happened, especially if Marte is spun into Lugo and/or Baez.

3) Of course wonder what it would take to get Tejeda out of Baltimore...

Marte & one of our Pitching Prospects enough if you take the Salary back? Hey I can dream.

3a) Other than Damon, Free Agents the Red Sox should pursue: Jarrod Washburn. He's better than you think and lefties with ability are tough to find. He's nice insurance given the ?s on the staff (Schilling's health, Clement's confidence, Wells going out, Wakefield can't knuckle forever, what if Papelbon bombs) that should come probably at 3 years 18 Million.

4) The Redskins are still in the playoff hunt. Yes they are 6-6, but they have two very winnable road games (Arizona and Philly on the road) and the home game against Dallas is winnable since they beat them in Dallas. The home game with the Giants will be interesting. Assuming no slip ups by the Skins' the winner of that game would win the NFC East.

5) Running training is going well. Participating in a local 5K this weekend just for the fun and I think based on comments from more established marathoners than myself that I would be well served by doing a 12/70 Training plan with 6 weeks of 50-55 Base Building. Makes the holidays a little less stressful, slightly reduces injury risk, allows for a little more weight training going in.

6) Been catching up on Comics. Infinite Crisis has been great so far, but this schedule delay is ugly. The art has been superb. Need to pick out a page for myself.
A) Avengers has actually still been very good. Not looking forward to Deodato on the book.
B) And the Flash relaunch is just a great excuse for me to drop the title, especially if Wally isn't the Flash anymore.
C) I also am dropping all the Spidey books except for Friendly Neighborhood (though depending on the Other Resolution, I may drop that too.), Outsiders (just has been dull the last 4-5 issues and now that Clark is off the book, the art is terrible), Probably Green Lantern after Ethan leaves (though I am pumped for Ron Marz returning to a Kyle Rayner book). Hopefully Inifinite Crisis will be done by then...

7) Just completed a deal to buy a bunch of art from the House of M Series. Much of it will be resold via eBay and My Comicartfans Gallery. Watch this space for more details once I get my act together. (If I did this right, the scan above is one of these House of M pieces).

8) Need to post the last couple months of Art Acquisitions. Just haven't gotten the scanner going in a while.

9) Upgrading the home computer this weekend. Haven't done it in 3 years, so way overdue.

10) It's 2 weeks to X-mas and we haven't started decorating yet. Most of the shopping is done at least.

That's what I have for the moment.


At 10:36 AM, Blogger john said...

Wow..thats a pretty sweet House of M page.. I liked Deodato's art back when it wasn't so flashy. Not sure what I'll think about his Avengers stint. Loved his art when he was on the book way back when.

I have been enjoying Infinite Crisis as well, I am just somewhat impatient. heh.
I think the recent issues of the Flash have stunk, after Johns left. I haven't really heard too much about him not being Flash anymore. Is Barry returning, or something?
Marz on a Kyle book is great, but, I want Kyle as GL, not Ion...
I'll probably keep buying GL, granted the art is good. I'll more than Likely get the Marz Kyle title as well..


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