Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Of Running, Nip/Tuck and Johnny Damon

Let's see, my 5 miles yesterday were pretty painless. Did them on the mill with some varying inclines to get some hill work in. Nice and slow 41:50. Have a 12 miler today then tomorrow will be an off day before doing my long of 17 on Friday to get it out of the way before the holiday weekend.

Stayed up way too late to watch Nip/Tuck last night. I will say (SPOILERS for the finale if you haven't watched it yet) the Quentin parts were over the top, but the revelation of Kit being Quentin's sister and a co-conspirator in the Carver's work was quite interesting. Matt seems to have been redeemed in the face of the drama with Ariel's Dad. And hey Annie appeared two weeks in a row! Quick question about the Carver: Assuming Quentin knows that Sean and Christian will fix all his victims, wouldn't it make sense he do a Carving that they couldn't fix or at least would still leave something of a scar? He's a plastic surgeon, surely he knows what scars are easier to fix than others and if he is willing to make his point that way, then it would make sense he would want them to be permanent (Kit being excluded of course). And by the way, not for nothing, but how did Julia not know about Quentin's "condition?" I would think that is something that would be pretty apparent in the heat of the moment rather quickly. And of course all the drama is now around the Baby's condition. I would guess by the time Season 4 rolls around, Julia should be ready to give birth any minute, leading into the revelation of the CVS test results. And somewhere in Europe, Quentin, Kit and Ava will all get together and have a drink. You just know it.

Johnny Damon to the Yankees? Ugh. What's sad is the offer he accepted from NY would not have been acceptable from Boston. It's almost like a hometown premium instead of a hometown discount. Not sure if it's right or wrong, but it puts the Red Sox in a real precarious position. They now almost have to go out and try to trade for Torii Hunter to keep up in the race. He's not a true leadoff hitter, but a great centerfielder with Speed and Power. I'm sure we would have to trade some value (Youkilis and one of the Young pitchers), but it will have to be done.

Not really ready for X-mas this year. My mom flies in tonight and the house is still a disaster. We're working on it though.


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