Monday, December 12, 2005

Oh to Tivo...

So you may ask in my spare time, what do I watch on television (OK, you probably don't but I imagine a couple of you are tired of my Hot Stove Baseball Commentary). Anyway, here is what I have set to TIVO every week a New Episode is on by Day:
Currently Nothing, though I did record Rome from HBO all season. Still catching up on this series, but it has been much better than I expected.

Arrested Development: How can this show be cancelled????????????? This has been the funniest sitcom TV has produced in years. You actually aren't insulted by it (which I guess is why it's cancelled and Freddie is picked up...). Proof of the old axiom you can never go wrong underestimating the intelligence of the American Public. Sigh... At least I have my DVDs of Seasons 1 & 2, I guess my season 3 set will be cheap since it's less episodes.

Kitchen Confidential: Only an OK show and already cancelled, but I like all the cast members and as a compliment to Arrested Development it is still better than Freddie...

Nip/Tuck: Season 3 has just reached borderline bizarre status. The whole Carver thing has gone on too long. Realistically they set it up to make everyone think it's Quentin, but for it to mean anything it has to be Matt. It can't be one of the main 3, everyone is writing off Quentin anyway, and to make it someone who is a non-regular (Joey Slotnick's Plastic Surgeon character, who's name I'm forgetting, etc.) would just be a copout. I guess they could make it Ava (Famke Janssen would have time for a one minute cameo), but again it would cheapen it. Making it Matt would setup some serious issues for Season 4 and serve as a real wake up call to Julia and Sean. It makes too much sense, so of course they won't do it.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: The only one in the whole Law & Order/CSI vein I watch regularly. I like the chemistry between the two leads (Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay), the Supporting Cast can actually act (even Ice-T has finally learned to act and the current ADA has grown into the role), and the storylines just seem better written than the others.

Honorable Mention: Boston Legal. I would record this if it wasn't on at 10 PM too. Only can record 2 at a time.

Lost: This show has surpsisingly not jumped the shark yet. I really expected it to go nuts after the whole Desmond thing, but it seems OK. Ana Lucia doesn't bug me the way most people seem to be bugged by her. A few questions really need answering though (not the big mysteries or the stupid things like why they had to dig up the hatch instead of going to the door they use now, but here are some basics): If everyone is desperately looking for a way home, why did someone not try to track Desmond? He obviously believed he knew a way off the island. Say a Boat and a Map???? You would think that would come in handy to people trying to LEAVE the island. Or it's pretty obvious from the film they showed that there was at least one additional installation on the island somewhere. Well when you are starving and looking for food/transmission capability, wouldn't it be worth Sayid taking a recon mission to try and find it?? He left once before, how can no one have tried this yet?

BTW, Shannon was the obvious choice to go so they didn't have to keep doing Backstory for her and try to bring a way to get Boone back to Hawaii for filming.

Alias: It's on Wednesday for a couple weeks so I'll put it in this spot. This season has not been good. I'm not sure why they brought Balthazar Getty into the cast. He must be thinking this is the easiest Paycheck he's ever earned. Unfortunately Sidney's pregnancy (which they had to write in) and Vaughn's departure (and return if the previews are to be believed) has really messed with this show's chemistry. And they have neutered Jack from a real hard-ass in addition to completely marginalizing Sloane. The piano thing at the end of this week - I know Victor Garber is an accomplished Song and Dance person from his many years on Broadway but Jack Bristow is not. These encroachments work on other shows, not on Alias. And Rachel Gibson - well she looks good in a Bikini. Hopefully after the hiatus, they can ramp things up properly and this show can go out with the Bang it deserves from the ride we were taken on the first two seasons.

Invasion: The only new show this year I'm watching other than Kitchen Confidential. It has been a fascinating journey. William Fichtner is doing great stuff in his role as the Sheriff. And it is nice that this is a stor where you are finidng out details and yet still have more to learn. Unfortunately the Ratings keep dropping so it is likely only to last one Season. It is back in January for New Episodes and I encourage everyone to watch it. It has been very well done and easily the best new show of the season.

Smallville: Always been on and off with Smallville. I watched the first two seasons religiously. Seasons 3 & 4 only every so often. Season 5 has been good so far. I think they realize now that they only have so many more episodes to go so they can really work on moving forward the stories. Though why Lex Luthor would want to be a State Senator from Kansas I have no idea. I guess this officially makes him under 25 (to be a U.S. Congressman requires being 25 years old, while Kansas State is only 21, which is the only reason this makes sense). Lois is hot and it seems like the writers are really working toward a different look to how Superman in the Smallville-verse will evolve, instead of being a slave to either the Silver Age Weisinger era or John Byrne Reboot era for Lois/Clark/Lana/Lex. I don't think Lana and Pete are getting married and having a kid at the end of this one, and it would be impossible for Lex not to know Clark is Superman in this world (ditto Lois for that matter), which makes it all the more unpredictable. Haven't watched the Lex-mas episode yet, but can't wait as the Lex-centric really are my favorite. It's obvious Michael Rosenbaum should be bound for bigger things than Tom Welling, though I guess it isn't working out that way in Hollywood. That's a shame. Lex in this show and his descent is really the true strength of the show and that's a reflection on the actors more than the scripts. And this is a show where kitschy highlights work (see Tom Wopat sliding in to the Dodge Charger and Marsters saying there is no such thing as Vampires on the Halloween ep.). Not very depth, never need to own it on DVD, but it's been fun to watch this year.

E/R: I still watch this show for Mekhi Phiffer. That's really it. His scenes I stop and watch, I'll watch Maura Tierney and Goran, but the rest of the cast I fast forward through. Some episodes I can watch in 15 minutes. Why I really still watch this still I have no idea.

Friday/Saturday: Currently nada

Looking forward to come January:
Scrubs, 24, Battlestar Galactica, The Shield

More on those shows then.


At 1:27 PM, Blogger john said...

I watch so little television anymore, but try to make it a point to watch Smallville. I really like season 5 so far, and yes, Lois is damn hot. I was wondering the same thing, about Lex for the Kansas Senator..
Everyone tells me i need to watch Nip/Tuck and Arrested Development. I don't have TiVo or DVR or anything, so the more new shows I start watching is just more time I am not at the gym.


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