Tuesday, December 20, 2005

OK, so a day late...

And I've been a buck short for years.

So sue me. Life is a little crazy. Got my 8 miles in with my 10 striders. Not sure if they were all exactly 100 Meters. Kind of doing it outside at every half mile point, so I just pushed for about 18-20 seconds for each. Should be good enough. Today is an easy 5 at recovery pace, so I'll do some core strength before.

Trying to get over this cold before it consumes me. It's the holidays so of course everyone is getting sick. Finished all major X-mas shopping last night. I can see why the retailers are worried. The mall was busy last night, but it wasn't jammed. Their biggest problem is inventory management. Their market research teams are absolutely horrendous judging by the shelves.

Example: Had to pick up some last minute toys, so I went into the Toy Section of Boscov's, Kay Bee Toys and Toys 'R Us. Out of curiousity, guess how many Star Wars Action Figures there were? 1. Total. In all 3 stores. Now how many cases of Remote Control $70 RV Cars? More than I could count. The retail stores are in trouble because they don't understand their audience. If something is selling well the previous 6 months, use that as your guide not what the marketers/salesmen tell you will be hot. Know better. There will always be 1 or 2 toys that will be the hot item no one will have. That's to be expected. But if a week before X-mas you can't provide shoppers the product they want to buy for their kids and Amazon.com can where for $6 shipping they guaranteed it by X-mas, then the retail chains will go the way of the dodo...

Of course so will Comic Book Stores too if they're not careful, but that's a rant for a different day. Ciao...


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