Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Blogging is Hard...

Which always sounded like a copout when I heard it from other people, but when faced with it yourself, it's hard to debate. One of the ugly realities of the world is that time slips away from you faster than it ever should. My life is one constant loss of time between work, home, the kids, training, website stuff, and occasionally doing something for me, it's amazing I get as much done as I do (and yes it sounds arrogant, but it isn't meant to). I still have a Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 game I got last X-mas that I haven't even played (loved 1 & 2). Anyway since this is supposed ot be something to get things off my chest, I'll see how it goes.

Few more quick hits:

1) Mets with Delgado and Wagner? Wow. Now if they're smart they keep Zambrano for Pedro's "shoulder stiffness" trip to the DL say Mid July/early August for 4 starts or so to keep his shoulder healthy after the World Cup stuff. Then trade him August 1 for something.

2) Despite the Beckett trade, the Red Sox are still in the same position they were last September, reliant on Schilling and Foulke to be 100% for their season to mean anything. The Overbay deal if it happens doesn't change that either, though between him and Lowell our Infield defense would be greatly improved. And they still need to keep Manny.

3) Wow can the Redskins blow more games? If they could execute on defense, at home (forget the Alstott play), they would be 7-4 and tied for the division. Now their season is over short of something miraculous.

4) Just can't get into Hockey yet.

5) Nip/Tuck. Great show that is moving beyond it's greatness into the bizarre. You can tell Ryan Murphy is trying to bring it back to the 1st season vibe, but it's tough given what they have done with Julia and Sean. And they are trying to mature Christian while keeping him immature. It's a tough mix. He definitely couldn't marry Kimber, though. That just would have been the Kiss of Death for the show. BTW, any reason Annie couldn't have been the Flower Girl at least? And unless they are ending the show, you can see who the Carver is a mile away.

6) My Fantasy Football leagues: My money league at Sportsline, I'm tied for my division, but lost both games to the guy I'm tied with, so I need to not be tied. The Playoff Scenarios are just bizarre with a week to go. Could really use a healthy Corey Dillon this week.

More tomorrow hopefully including my lamentings on Arrested Development...

Friday, November 25, 2005

Random Thoughts

1) 8 mile run the day after Thanksgiving - Bad for the stomach cramping. Don't do hills ;)

2) Saw the Sox got Guillermo Mota thrown into the Beckett trade in addition for some other Single A Player. Nice throw in that could pay dividends. Mota-Hansen-Timlin is a pretty good bridge to Foulke in theory with Myers as the designated lefty specialist.

Of course with Delgado now with the Mets, not sure where you would trade Manny to in any deal that would bring back a good enough slugger to compensate (Helton wouldn't do it either as a player or in terms of Contract). Probably have to try and sign Konerko as a FA now, even though he doesn't want to be East Coast side.

Not sure where Manny thinks he going now. The Angels just don't fit personnel wise (Dallas McPherson does nothing for us now to put it mildly, and we can't just trade him for low level prospects especially because of Salary). A's, Dodgers and Padres can't afford him. Giants only can if they trade us Bonds (talk about nonsense for both teams). Seattle? For who, Ichiro and Sexson? I'd do it, doubt the Mariners would. 'Zona not an option (the day they bring Javy Vazquez in as a Red Sox for Manny is the day you know we don't have a GM). Not you are back to the East Coast teams unless you really think the Cubs want him (Houston and Texas don't have the players and St. Louis doesn't have the budget). They say it's a personal situation with Manny (which you know means "personal" ), but boy is it in his best career interest to find a way for his family to deal with the personal stuff and stay in Boston, put on his 150 games of hitting brilliance with Ortiz and go to the Hall of Fame.

3) I promise some Comic Columns soon, but how about Bill Willingham doing a Mainstream artbook again??? Long tiem since we've seen his art on a regular book.

4) BTW, the Neil Gaiman University class for Anansi Boys is a really fascinating way to share with other people about his new book. and search for Neil Gaiman. It ends next week but it's great to hear his perspective and observations. Given his schedule, it's the only chance you will have to ask him questions about these things so I really recommend it.

5) Black Friday Note: Into Target at 6:15 AM for 3 things in the flyer, picked up all 3, a couple extra things, and was out of the store through Checkout in a total of 25 minutes. Went to Circuit City, where they estimated the length of time for people standing in line for checkout was 2 HOURS. Needless to say I skipped that, came to work, ordered 3 of the 4 things I needed online with free shipping an they'll be here next week. Total time elapsed: 10 minutes. Online Shopping Rocks!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Why Do I run???

Probably the thing many people ask me the most other than "do you want Fries with that?" (actually I prefer Onion Rings) is why do you run so much.

The Real reason I choose Marathons over other exercise plans is 3 fold:

1) It provides a tangible goal for me to reach for regularly. Training for 2 a year on two cycles keeps the motivation strong to keep going to the gym. Without the motivation of wanting to push myself on those days, I would find it very easy to bag that Wed 12 miler or the Sat. Long Run when it's a little chilly out. But with the Marathon coming up, I find the mental energy to get myself changed and onto the road/treadmill and put the miles in. I've found it too easy to slack without that goal out there to shoot towards.

2) It also is something the family while they may not like the time I spend running, can understand I need to put in the time in order for the marathon to be successful.

3) And probably the other sad point is I LOVE TO EAT. I eat way too much. Running 50-60 miles a week in a typical training cycle (upping it to Pfitz 18/70 this time) allows me to not worry so much about those extra snacks I shouldn't eat but do.
Why the Marathon is probably # 1, but all 3 play a part.

I have now run 5 Marathons (Steamtown 1999, New Jersey Marathon 2004, Richmond Marathon 2004, New Jersey Marathon 2005, and New York 2005, which is where the above picture is from). My two for Next year are Boston (April 06) and the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC (Late October). I start training for Boston two weeks before Christmas and as hard a training schedule as it is, I am actually looking forward to the challenge. It's the one thing I do on a regular basis I get to do pretty much solely for me. There will be some days I will be sore and I hope I do enough stretching/core strength that I don't throw my back out again, but come April when I can honestly say to myself I actually achieved a goal I set out to do when I was 22 years old and 261 pounds, I will feel like I left it all out on the course (and I assume that to be not literally).

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Red Sox 2005 and beyond

I am a Red Sox fan. I lived and died through 2003 and 2004. After the 1986 series I was so sick I couldn't go to school for 2 days. Not saying it's healthy, it just is. Injuries killed us in 2005 and hopefully 2006 will be a return to health. Lots of questions. For anyone who may not have read this

First of all it's a great message board for Red Sox fans. Schilling posts there when he has time. Several other past and current players have done so as well. The above thread is worth a look as John Henry, Red Sox CEO, actually takes the time to answer a lot of questions, both regarding the front office, player decisions, etc. Haven't seen an owner other than Mark Cuban take this much time to address the fans directly in a public forum, so it's worth a read.

As to Josh Beckett: This is a trade you have to make. He's 25, relatively inexpensive (even if you half Lowell's salary and apply it toward Beckett, 8-9 million is relatively cheap; heck it's less then we are paying Clement), and given the absolute lack of Free Agent pitching to be had, almost a necessity. Now if you assume Schilling/Foulke are healthy, then the Sox have a legit staff for the season and for a short series.

Three way trade proposal: As much as I'd hate to see Manny go, assuming he has to, send him to the Mets, the Mets then send Lastings Millidge, Victor Diaz and some other considerations to Florida, who then sends Carlos Delgado & Guillermo Mota to the Sox. Use the savings to resign Damon for 4 years 40 million with a 5th year option assuming he reaches certain incentives by the end of 3 years (1500+plate appearances, whatever is deemed appropriate). You can also use Wells and/or Youkilis as a chip for an outfielder to play Left and provide some defense to help out Damon. Your lineup then is as follows:

Leadoff/CF Damon L
2/SS Renteria (who we are just stuck with, deal with it) R
3/DH Ortiz L
4/1B Delgado L
5/3B Lowell R
6/RF Nixon R (As an aside, Terry, let him try against some lefties, huh?)
7/C Varitek S
8/LF ??? Perhaps a Jacque Jones type on a two year deal would be a good fit here. he plays good defense.
9/2B Graffanino R (Yes Graffanino made that error, but he plays serviceable 2nd and is cheap and gives us a place to hold a salary spot cheap)

You can move Lowell down the lineup a bit if necessary. The dynamic duo both being lefties can make you vulnerable to a premier lefty specialist in a late inning situation, but how many of those are there?

Starting Rotation:

Bullpen Top 3

have Mike Myers as a situational Lefty specialist (25 innings over 45 appearances a year and he does fine, you use him for more and that's where the trouble starts).

Also have Wade Miller sitting out there assuming he is healthy finally. Still could use a Lefty in the pen (perhaps package Miller and Wells to a team if you truly believe Schilling and Foulke are healthy) or instead make a run at B.J. Ryan and package Foulke for a bigger threat in left field. And don't forget if the Giants aren't doing well by the All Star break, Jason Schmidt will be out there for a 2nd half run...

Either way it ain't half bad assuming Clement isn't going to pitch scared again like he did after the beaning last year. It still gives Lester at least the first half in Triple A to get a bit more experience. If he's ready by the All-Star Break, then you have more strength to address the inevitable injury somewhere.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Deep Thoughts

And a big welcome to those of you who are bothering to read this. If you are, you are one of the following groups:

A) Family or the one or 2 non-family members who actually care enough about me to wonder what I think.

B) One of the Runner's World types who may care enough about my training process for Boston '06 to read my daily diary beginning December 12.

C) Random Comic Fan who googled the words George Perez Infinite Crisis Cover art and my blog ended up high in a search engine (Yes the above was a blatant pull for readers)

D) Scary individual who needs to read all blogs across the country at all times. Of course you I love most of all for reading this.

Groups A-C usually have to read this just to say they did when I ask them. You guys in D read this for the love, and that makes my heart warm with pride. Or that may be the lean pockets I had for lunch. Not sure. Anyway, welcome.

Over these first couple days I'll post some basic things you should know about me in order to understand why I write what I write and think the way I think. This is mainly for me since I'm not famous or important enough for anybody to actually care about what I think and I actually do realize that. But any comments are welcome.

If you have read this far, than you are doing very well and will fit in on this thing nicely.

See you in the Funny Papers.