Monday, January 09, 2006

Hail to the Redskins...

No this entire entry is not about the Redskins, but in case you missed it...

Redskins 17, Bucaneers 10 1st Stop on our World Victory Tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, probably not if we actually can't generate some offense again next week, but it felt great, especially after the Giants came out yesterday and dropped something that would have to be upgraded to smell like s--t. Wow. Too bad about Carson Palmer, but it means John R owes me two lunches now!

Haven't been logging my training for a since New Year's because I haven't been. Finished Week 3 feeling great, did 59 miles that week total. Monday AM my foot was sore like you wouldn't believe. Tuesday was even worse. Went to see the Doc Tuesday afternoon. Said it was Stress inflammation on both the Arch and the Upper foot. No running for a few days and anti-inflammatories. Did some XT last week, though probably a couple days less than I should have. Did 4 easy miles yesterday with no pain. Huzzah! Try to do an easy 6 today, Crosstrain tomorrow and then Go back to the Doc Wed to re-X-ray and clear to resume normal work. Will take me a week or so to work up and will probably require me to take one of the Recovery days and turn it into an XT day for a few weeks, but shouldn't be akiller.

And every month my Comics Subscription goes down. I did my Previews Order last week, here is what I chose:
Marvel:Ms. Marvel 1
Pulse 14
Son of M 4
Spider-Man Unlimited 14 (Finch issue)
Ultimate Spidey 91 & 92
Spider-Woman: Origin 4
Captain America 16
Daredevil 83
Exiles 78
New Avengers 17
Ultimate Fan. Four 28
X-Factor 5
Sentry 7

Detective 817
Batman 651
Batman Annual 25
Nightwing 118
Robin 148
All Star Superman 3
Superman/Batman 25
Supergirl 7
Infinite Crisis 6
Omac Project: Infinite Crisis Special
Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis 40
Birds of Prey 92
Green Lantern 10
Hawkgirl 50
JSA 83
JSA Classified 10
Supergirl & Legion 16
Outsiders 34
Teen Titans 34
7 Soldiers: Bulleteer 4
Mr. Miracle 4
Captain Atom: Armageddon 6
Ex Machina 20

Also pick up Fables, Y the Last Man, Stray Bullets, Strangers In Paradise Fallen Angel and a couple of others.

But that is a significant decrease and many of these may end up being dropped soon (Pulse without Bendis scares me, Ms. Marvel may just be bad, and the miniseries are ending), I could very easily see my Marvel books going to the following: Ultimate Spidey, Cap, Exiles, New Avengers (and that only depends on how much Deodato does not annoy me), Ultimate FF, and the last three Ultimates Issue ( I won't be reading Maduiera, just cannot stand his art and Loeb isn't a good enough storyteller to compensate). Though I will read Astonishing X-Men when it is back as well. DC I could easily see dropping the Batman Books (just picked it up because James Robinson is writing), both Nightwing and Robin if the Infinite Crisis rumors I hear are true, Supergirl, Aquaman (limited tryout because of Butch but I have just never gotten into this character), Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and Outsiders, which would leave me with regular series of: The All-Star books (which I guess are semi-regular), Superman/Batman (if Ethan can get his bu-- in gear, luv ya' Ethan ;) ), Birds of Prey, JSA, Supergirl & The Legion, Teen Titans, Ex machina, Y The Last Man and Fables . That's a total of 14 monthly books, or 3.5 a week. I use to read 30-35 monthlies. I hear about the quality of comcis being better than ever, but everytime I turn around I find myself reading fewer books.

Going to get artwork sales happening this week. Just has been crazy. Finally got all our X-mas stuff put away and now have less than 4 weeks before Disney Vacation. Have to do Taxes and everything else. just crazy stuff. Going to post more this week. At least try.

Also, if you haven't been watching Battlestar Galactica on Sci-Fi, start!!! This week's episode was absolutely tremendous. I am riveted. I may watch next Friday's with the commercials because I can't wait!! Lost is back this week, and The Shield and 24 are starting along with Scrubs just coming back. I'll tell you, if Arrested Development was still on, I couldn't be happier TV wise.

Stay sane. The alternative is just mind-blowing.


At 6:34 AM, Blogger john said...

How is the Captain Atom series? I keep thinking about picking that up...


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