Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Of the world New York Comiccon and money,

As I try to start posting to this thing a little more regularly again. My run yesterday was actually very good. Did 8.25 miles including 10x100m strideouts for a little speed work and to break the legs back in from 4 days off. The new treadmills at my gym are superb. Life Fitness 97TI's. They actually do both incline and decline!! For Boston this is huge. I actually alternate my up and downhills while on the thing after the first mile, which really helps me work all leg muscles, not just calves and shins.

Was at the New York Comicon all weekend, for those of you were stuck outside, I'm sorry. The organizers completely blew the expectations. I've read all the notes on Newsarama about "how could you not know?" You know what, no one knew. You don't have any convention other than San Diego where you have 5-7000 walkups expected on one day. There hasn't been one (BTW, for those of you going to Heroes, given the press and the guest list, I hope someone there has started making provisions for this situation because it could be just as bad since the way I understand it, their hall does not hold more than 6-7K). And for everyone who is complaining about the lines, go back and look at the Newsarama coverage of San Diego last year where on Thursday of the show, it took people 4 hours plus to get their badge and get in, and the same deal on Saturday. There were more tickets sold for this show than for WW Philly last year (and that doesn't include the multiple 1000s turned away on Saturday and the potential ticket sales on Sunday that were lost by taking the safe route and announcing in advance that they would not be selling individual tickets on Sunday). It's safe to say no one expected this much crowd. I have personally already spoken to many of the people at Reed Exhibitions and I can guarantee you next year's will have a minimum of DOUBLE the exhibition hall floor space. It may take a year for everyone to believe it will be done right, but I agree with the assessment that 2 years from now this will be the East Coast Bookend to San Diego. The reason? The retailer/trade portion. The ability for the Macfarlane's of the world to come in and speak to the Harper Collins Publishers about Distribution deals in one central venue while simultaneously promoting their books and making it a marketing expense budget is too great a lure to ignore. Plus the two majors along with TokyoPop and Viz (the 2 majors of Manga) are all based out of NY, so every creator can come in, take a meeting on one end or the other of the show with their editor, and then write off any expenses not covered by the con (food, etc.) as a business expense for their incorporated structure.

Am going to start some eBay auctions hopefully Wed. Night. Tomorrow a big posting on something that has been on my mind.


At 10:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great write up of comiccon Erik. I linked to your blog on the Benes yahoo group. Best, TC

At 12:28 PM, Blogger Fogger said...

Have to agree 100% with your assessment of the demand for the show. All ofthe speculation before the show was on whether it would be busy or dead - even the pros going didn't have any idea, and some people poo-pooed the idea of a con in New York in February being busy. The con organizers had no way of knowing just how many people they'd have.

That said, if they don't figure it out next year, then they've got problems.

Good seeing you at the show!


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