Monday, February 27, 2006

Remember ME???

I really do still exist. Apologies for not having posted much recently 9for the 2 of you who actually read this or care). Was at New York Comicon over the weekend. All weekend. Just been crazy. We got back from Disney and Universal a while back. Got caught up in the Blizzard trying to get out of Orlando, so instead of leaving on Sunday the 12th, ended up spending 2 extra days at Disney/Universal and eventually got back in that Tuesday night.

Running training has not been great Had a nice run back from Vacation of 6 days in a row (61 miles). It was honestly 1 day too much and last weekend between that and the show I just recovered over the weekend. Going to try and 7 today if my Hamstring lets me. Still feels very tight. Should go get it worked on , but time and dollars don't always permit such things. Have a Half-Marathon tune-up this weekend. Hopefully that will go well. Like to do it in the 1:27-ish range. See what the body gives me.

Other thoughts of the week:

The Olympics: Sorry Tape Delay has taken basically all the interest out of it for me. It's not sport when you know the results. Sports is not something you can Tivo for the casual interest person. At least this one.

Spring Training: Try to post more this week.

TV: Battlestar Galactica has been superb. Smallville 100 times better than last year. The Shield has been great fun. 2 episodes behind on catching up with lost.

Oh, and HI MOM!!!!!


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